Program Methodology

The SkateKostin Program is designed to meet the needs of skaters at all levels with a variety of different goals. The team approach allows us to coordinate with families to meet the individual goals of the skater as well as the financial and schedule requirements of the family. Our coaches are on the ice 6 days a week working with skaters from 8am until 7pm to guarantee there is a schedule that works for each skater.

Our training model is founded on the concept that the best overall athletes make the best figure skaters. Each skater in our program participates in on-ice private and group lessons, as well as off-ice strength and conditioning training, dance classes in both ballet and hip hop, harness work and mental preparation. Preparation for success on the ice begins off ice and athletes that are well-conditioned have fewer injuries and less time away from sport.

Our on-ice program focuses on making sure each of our skaters has a strong technical foundation for success at the highest levels in the sport. Working with coaches of different specialties, including skating skills, jumps, spins and choreography, guarantees that all the components of a figure skating program are addressed in our athletes. Group classes play an important role in our program to allow our skaters to build friendships and training teammates that help them through the challenges of pursuing an elite level of competitiveness.

While many skaters in our program are pursuing highly competitive figure skating goals, we understand that each skater develops at a different rate and goals vary depending on age and level. Each of our program options offer some flexibility in schedule and intensity depending on specific goals of the athlete.

Elite Program

For juvenile to senior skaters looking to compete at the regional, sectional, national or international levels, our competitive Elite Program provides all the elements needed for success. Working closely with our team of coaches, a customized schedule is built for each skater to maximize their training time. Athletes are asked to identify goals for each season and the training plan is designed to meet those goals. Skaters looking to be competitive are expected to skate multiple sessions for a minimum of five days a week as well as participate in regular off-ice harness lessons, strength and conditioning training and dance classes. Additionally, these skaters are expected to attend seminars and guest speakers that are brought in to discuss topics including IJS scoring, nutrition, and mental training.

For those athletes that are looking to make skating their primary focus during the day, we offer training sessions throughout the day as well as an environment that provides for academic success when completing schooling through virtual programs.

Advanced Program

For skaters at the no test to juvenile level, the Advanced Program offers a complete package of on and off ice training appropriate to the age, skill, time and budget of each skater. While still a competitive training program, the Advanced Program allows you to focus more on building up skills and the confidence needed to continue on to becoming successful at higher levels in the future. As with all of our skaters, we encourage our future stars in the Advanced Program to participate in as many of our program offerings as possible.

SkateKostin Jr.

Our SkateKostin Jr. program is designed for those skaters just starting out in the sport. Early training is focused on building proper technique and a strong foundation. SkateKostin Jr. skaters can participate in specific group off ice classes appropriate to their age and developmental level. Our team of coaches is committed to fostering a love of the sport with these new athletes and helping them to learn about their individual skating goals.